Miss Kim
| Name | Miss Kim
| Age | unknown
| Affiliation | Marketing Sales Support Department
| Identify | unknown


“Do not work for your company, comrades or your seniors, but work only for yourself.
That is the method for you to survive in this world.”

In the whole universe, only I exist.

Between heaven and earth only I, my allowances and my certificates exist.

Miss Kim:The first voluntary non-regular worker in the nation

Jang Gyu-jik
| Name | Jang Gyu-jik
| Age | 32
| Affiliation | Marketing Sales Dept.
| Status | Team leader

Do you known what the core products of Y-Jang Group are?
They are Doenjang (soybean paste), Ganjang (soy sauce), Gochujang (red pepper paste), and..?

It’s me! Gyujikjang!!

Abolition of school connections, regionalism and blood ties? Society based on a merit system?
These are self-comforting words of the people who have no backgrounds.
I will share all the joys and sorrows with the company.
So do not cross my boundary.
Jang Gyu-jik is a man of the company, by the company and for the company.

Jeong Ju-ri
| Name | Jeong Ju-ri
| Age  | 25
| Affiliation | Market Sales Support Department
| Status |  temporary worker with a three-month contract 

“My only dream is to meet a boy I like on a blind date and say proudly: “I am working for Y-Jang!” Gloomy young days due to the combination of three things: diploma mill graduate/perpetually single/temporary employee.

Weep only once, forget the loneliness and grief, start anew to become a regular employee in this company – that’s more important than gochujang, daenjang and ganjang!   

Jeong Ju-ri is a new temporary recruit who does not know the true taste of life.

Moo Jeong-han
| Name | Moo Jeong-han
| Age | 32
| Affiliation | Marketing Sales Support Department
| Status | Team leader


 “I do not agree with the law of survival of the fittest and the law of the jungle as we are not a cannibal tribe. We are like a family, united with not blood but with work.”

Co-operation is better than competition, yielding is better than overtaking, togetherness is better than ‘me first!’

Moo Jeong-han is a man who is almost as pure as Cheongcho Ganjang, the top-grade food of Y-Jang.
He is a true salaryman who rushes forward in the competent society.
He is a model man, the common-sense of Y-Jang.

Geum Bit-na
| Name | Geum Bit-na 
| Age | 25
| Affiliation | Marketing Sales Department
| Status | New recruit 

I am a brilliant 25-year-old regular employee. Everybody says they are tired with work and that company life is boring, but how about thinking a little more positively.
If you have a lot of work to do today, you may delay it and work tomorrow, if you dislike going to the office, you may apply for leave and if you do not want to take jam-packed subway, you may ride a taxi.
I am proud of my beauty.
It will be fine if I fall down with work documents in both hands. 
OK. I, Geum Bit-na, will laugh today as well.

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