• KBS COVID–19 Integrated Newsroom: Quality Emergency Broadcasting Service at this time of national need
  • [2020-03-24]
  • A series of segments titled ‘Cheer Up! Korea!’ delivers national messages of hope and encouragement.

  • Celebrities and members of the general public contribute to the KBS initiative, ‘Cheer Up! Korea!.’

  • KBS launched the COVID-19 Integrated Newsroom, dedicated to serving audiences with a wide-ranging programming embracing all types of KBS TV1 programs.

  • KBS remains committed to continue to utilize its maximum resources

    for the COVID–19 Integrated Newsroom.

    KBS has been fully committed to continue to use all of its resources for an 24-hour emergency operation of the COVID-19 Integrated Newsroom service.  As the nation’s primary public service broadcaster, KBS has been maintaining its devoted efforts in delivering all the essential news and information with the special programming and content throughout the entire 24-hour day since 4 March, 2020.  With an aim to fulfill the principal mission to keep the nation well informed with trusted and in-depth news and information as the fight against the novel Coronavirus takes seemingly longer than expected, KBS launched the COVID-19 Integrated Newsroom, dedicated to serving audiences with a wide-ranging extensive programming package embracing all types of KBS TV1 programs including news, documentary, and information program.


    Cheer up ! Korea ! : National Messages of Hope and Encouragement

    Under the slogan of ‘Cheer up! Korea!,’ KBS is proud to serve its audiences with the high quality emergency broadcasting service.  The COVID-19 Integrated Newsroom focuses on bringing together inter-community support and understanding in these unprecedented times.  Along with the continuous special news coverage, the exclusive programming offers various information on the Coronavirus through some of KBS’ regular programs such as Morning Plaza, 6 O’clock My Hometown, and The Live.  In particular, an exclusive relay series of short segments titled ‘Cheer Up! Korea!’ delivers national messages of hope and encouragement for the public and health professionals to help them pull together to get through these challenging times. Contributed by some of the nation’s most accomplished celebrities and members of the general public, the short video messages provide companionship, and a sense of connection.  ‘Cheer Up! Korea!’ is broadcast five to six times a day and is also available via KBS News’ homepage (news.kbs.co.kr), and the KBS YouTube account.


    KBS TV, the most watched media for essential information in Korea

    The 24-hour operation of the first-ever COVID-19 Integrated Newsroom has been a huge challenge for KBS as it entirely combines the whole set of programs broadcast on KBS TV1 in an effort to deliver emergency broadcasting of a distinctive quality.  The bold decision was made after an in-house survey found that the majority (52.4%) of people in Korea watch TV as their preferred ways of obtaining information on the Coronavirus.  Conducted by the KBS Public Media Institute between 27 February and 1 March this year, the survey also showed that over 83% of the survey respondents have watched the special news coverage delivered by KBS.  1,061 members of the KBS National Survey Panel, aged more than 19, took part in this recent research.


    Regional headquarters contribute to the emergency mission by creating original local content.

    As part of the continued efforts to serve the nationwide audiences with trusted news and information at this time of national need, KBS’ nine regional headquarters have been creating their own original news content for their respective communities since the extensive emergency operation was officially launched on 20 January 2020.  Such locally-produced content has been particularly beneficial to regional audiences as it provides the most relevant information for those affected by the Coronavirus outbreak.


    Special programming for children and students

    In addition, KBS has been bringing together educational and entertaining programs especially for children and students as the start of the new year classes in the country have been postponed amid the ongoing Coronavirus crisis.  This special programming is expected to keep the younger audiences educated and entertained during these challenging times.  KBS TV1 mainly delivers programs that contain knowledge and information, while KBS TV2 devotes five hours a day to issues relating to science and cultural matters.