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  • Yoo Jun-sang; Album, A Start For My Dream
  • [2013-12-13]

  •  “Is this song good? I recorded it this morning. Do you feel the atmosphere of dawn?” (Yoo Jun-sang)

    When the recorded file was replayed on the phone, a sweet voice and cool guitar sound were heard. Yoo said that he composed the song in the car on the way somewhere and recorded it instantly, playing guitar.
    For actor Yoo Jun-sang, music was not a new development - in fact, music has always been a part of his life.
    Yoo has enhanced his value with his brilliant activities in drama, film and musicals and now he has added 'singer' to his resume.
    Yoo will release his first album, “Junes”, on Dec. 19.
    In an interview at a cafe in Jongno, downtown Seoul, he said, “I have long dreamed of releasing an album. Ever since I started playing guitar when I was a high school student, I have thought about what it would be like to release an album.” He continued, “However, I hesitated to make an album because I thouht there were too many people who can sing better than I can. As I became older and emptied my mind, songs started to flow out from inside me. So I prepared for three years to make songs.”        
    'Junes' is composed of seven songs. Yoo wrote lyrics and composed all the songs and sang himself.
     The songs depict human life and love and the title song is “The moment I approach you” , which he sang together with Lee Da-yeon, a member of  new group “Taurine”.
    Due his appearances in musicals, his singing abilities are well known. The tone of his songs is sensuous ballad, contrary to expectations that he would chose a stronger genre. The overall atmosphere of the songs is soft, as song names such as “I need love” and “Beautiful, beautiful” imply. 
    In the first song “Summers between 27 and 33” which included his narration amidst placid piano, he sings “Time flows/So do I/World changes/So do I/I hope there is something that never changes.” 
    He said, “In acting or performance, I become characters in the works. In music, on the contrary, I display myself as I am. My heart appears as it really is in song."
    He said, “I carry several recorders with me for recording musical motifs whenever they comes into my mind. I wrote songs for a long time while doing other work. I did not write songs in a transient mood.”
    As in other areas, Hong Eun-hee, his wife, and two sons were his first fans.
    My sons learnt by heart the title song “The moment I approach you” as they did Psy songs. Beforehand they requested to play Psy songs in car. Now it has changed to my songs.”
    He said, “My wife always said to me ‘I believe you will do well’. This time she told me for the first time that the song is good.”   
    He said, “I want to keep my promise I made in Yu Huiyeol’s ‘sketchbook’. It is my dream to perform my own songs in musical theater.”
    He disclosed that he has compiled many songs he wrote himself and that he wanted to give them to other singer.
    In reality, a new girl group plans to make their debut next year with his music.
    It might be thought that he is trying to exploit his popularity and profile as an actor in order to expand into other fields. However, he defended himself, saying “I prepared for nearly five years to express my heart in song and avoided spending much money on album production.” 
    He continued, “It is the start of me realizing my dream and the album contains my sincerity and desire to communicate with fans.” He added, “I think it is meaningful when somebody can be comforted with my song.”
    He said,”I am releasing my first album at a relatively old age. I hope that fans as old as I am will be encouraged to hear my song.”
    Yoo Jun-sang repeatedly said that his album is not the final achievement but a start od his dream.
    He said, “This album is a start. I will continue writing songs and make people understand my long-cherished dream. I want to communicate with as many as people through songs.”

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