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  • K-Pop Singers Heat Up Frozen Paris
  • [2012-02-10]
  • KBS 2TV Music Bank held a concert in Paris with 10,000 audience members.

    ▲ Eight Korean singing groups held a performance in Paris. And Girls Generation is making a grand finale at the KBS 2TV Music Bank that was held at Bercy Stadium in Paris on February 8.

    K-Pop stars heated up Paris again. Eight singing groups including Girls Generation, 2PM, and Beast successfully finished their performances during the concert by Music Bank held at Bercy Stadium on February 8 (local time).

    ▲ Fans who came to the venue are singing to Korean songs while waiting for the concert to begin.

    The second concert of Korean singing groups in Paris since the SM concert last year in June achieved huge success with 10,000 audience members. Many of the fans who came from different regions of France, Spain, Britain, and Italy came to the venue long before the concert began despite the subfreezing weather that had lasted for six consecutive days, and they heated up the atmosphere.

    ▲ K-Pop singers began the concert while singing the song "Aux Champs Elysees" together with the audience.

    Hallyu fans shouted the names of their favorite singers before the concert began and they waited the opening of the concert with their cheerful appearances. The Music Bank concert began with U-Kiss's performance singing their song "Man Man Ha Ni," and the following performance by Sister, 4Minute, and SHINee enraptured the audience with Korean songs.

    ▲ The president of KBS, Kim In Kyu, is toasting at the reception of the Music Bank concert in Paris along with many distinguished guests including the Korean ambassador to France, Park Heung Shin, and the French politician Jack Lang.

    The K-Pop stars presented enthusiastic performances for three hours, from 2PM's fantastic performance using a camera to take photos of the audience to the last performance of Girls Generation who sang the song "The Boys." Maris Sances (19) from Spain said, "I liked today’s concert because more diverse singing groups performed than at the SM concert held last year. I hope that this concert will also be held in Spain very often."

    ▲ The KBS 2TV Music Bank concert was held at Bercy Stadium in Paris with a total of eight singing groups, and many French Hallyu fans are selling products related to Hallyu in the stalls where they had hung a flag of Korea, Taegeukki.

    The president of KBS, Kim In Kyu, said during the press conference before the concert, "Music Bank is a representative venue of K-Pop. I hope that K-Pop will play a role of transferring Korean culture to the young people in Europe." Kim also held a reception after inviting 50 guest members including the messenger of Hallyu and French politician Jack Lang, important people from the field of French culture, and Korean ambassador to France, Park Heung Shin. KBS said about the concert, "Today's concert could be held due to a request from the French local agency Caravan who watched the concert of K-Pop singers in Tokyo last year in July. So today's concert has a significant meaning as it was held by a local company in contrast to the previous overseas concert that was organized and held by a Korean company."

    The KBS music program Music Bank is broadcast in 72 countries simultaneously through KBS World, and the concert in Paris will be broadcast as a special program on February 18 at 11:05pm.

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