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  • Kim Jae-joong's Asia Tour: More than 4 Thousand Fans Turn Up in Hong Kong
  • [2013-03-28]
  • C-JES Entertainment announced on March 25th that JYJ's Kim Jae-joong's Hong Kong concert was a success.

    On the 24th, Jae-joong held his "Your, My and Mine" concert in HKCEC(Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre) before an enthusiastic 4-thousand-strong crowd.

    The show comprised of a mini concert and a fan meeting.

    Jae-joong performed hit songs from his solo album including "One Kiss."
    Plus he sang Lim Jae-bum's "For You" and the late Kim Kwang-seok's "Loves is Gone."
    Fans surprised Jae-joong by singing along to all of the Korean songs.

    While performing "I'll Protect You" included in the OST of his TV Drama "Protect the Boss", the fans held up a massive flash card describing their love for Jae-joong, and then presented it to the singer.

    His agency said Jae-joong was mobbed by fans and the press even on his way to the airport to catch his flight back to Korea on the 23rd.

    They added that Jae-joong's team tried to travel through alternate routes to catch his flight and to ensure the safety of fans, but the fans and reporters managed to turn up anywhere, without fail.
    Ultimately, fans and journalists from more than 30 different local media outlets battled it out to catch Jae-joong.

    One of the biggest newspapers in Hong Kong featured an article showing how the airport was clogged with fans and reporters because of Jae-joong.
    Some of the media big wigs gathered to catch Jae-joong included Apple Daily, Headline Daily and TVB 8.

    Kim Jae-joong will continue his tour with performances in Nanjing, China on April 6th and one Taiwan on the 13th. [Yonhap]


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