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  • Kim Hyunjoong Displays A Whole New Side of Him in Japan
  • [2013-03-05]
  • Hallyu star Kim Hyunjoong held his "2013 Unlimited" concert at the Yoyogi National Gymnasium in Tokyo, Japan on March 3rd.

    As part of the tour that began in Kobe on January 6th, Kim performed a different version of his second single "HEAT" along with other fan favorites with his own band.

    More than 10 thousand fans gathered, revalidating Kim's popularity in Japan.
    Kim Hyunjoong said that he didn't expect to be back in Yoyogi so soon, and that he prepared something extra special for the concert.

    Kim Hyunjoong performed hits like "Kiss Kiss" and "If You're Like Me."
    The audience were pleased to be treated to a hearty mix of both dance and ballad numbers.

    The theme for this concert was "Communication" and "Communion."
    Kim flew in the air like Peter Pan to be closer to everyone in the audience.
    And the fans responded in kind by singing along to his songs.

    Kim told his fans that he learned how important it is for him to keep on going to return the love he received from fans.
    He added that although he was dead tired by the end of the concert, he was happy to be there.
    Kim also felt that he grew as a singer and as a person through this tour.
    Finally he said he hoped this experience will be a source of strength for everyone present there.

    For encore performances he sang other hits including "Let's Party" and "Lucky Guy."
    Kim travelled around the venue using a special stage equipment, delighting fans one more time.

    After topping the Oricon Charts in December last year with his first regular album "Unlimited," Kim has been busy with his Japan tour.
    Kim Hyunjoong will be wrapping the tour up after performing in Hokkaido on March 5th and Hiroshima on the 24th and the 25th. [Yonhap]

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