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  • JYJ to Hold Concert in Tokyo Dome for the First Time in 4 Years
  • [2013-03-04]
  • It is confirmed.
    JYJ will be performing in Tokyo Dome, Japan in April.
    According to their agency, JYJ is set to perform live in Tokyo Dome this April.
    This will be their second time performing in the venue since "Thanksgiving Live in Dome" back in June, 2010.
    It is also the first grand event since their legal battle against Avex, so it is truly a way meaningful event for the team as well.
    In 2010, JYJ's mini album "The..." sold more than 170 thousand copies in Japan.
    During that year, the team toured Tokyo Dome and  Osaka Dome.
    In just 4 days they performed before more than 200 thousand fans.

    More recently, in October 2011, JYJ held an outdoor concert in Ibaraki Prefecture recording a turnout of more than 80 thousand.
    And when JYJ held another special event in June 2012, it set a new record in terms of foreigners admitted to a single event.
    With the Tokyo Dome concert right around the corner, JYJ members said that they are already brimming with excitement at the thought of meeting their Japanese fans for the first time in a long while.
    They added that Tokyo Dome is a place of special memory and that they will give their very best to make sure the concert is the greatest one yet.

    JYJ will hold 3 concerts in Tokyo Dome starting from April 2nd.

    Written by: Jeon Ji Young
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