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  • Ji Changwook Holds First Ever Fan Meeting in Japan
  • [2013-02-27]
  • Hallyu heartthrob Ji Changwook was in Tokyo and Osaka, on the 23rd and the 24th respectively for his first ever fan meeting in Japan.


    The tickets to the event were sold out in just 10 minutes.
    Which is why he had to hold 2 additional fan meetings just for his fans in Tokyo.
    The actor held a thorough discussion, Q and A session with the fans.
    They talked mostly about his 3 major dramas, "Smile Donghae," "Warrior Baek Dongsoo" and "Bachelors' Vegetable Store."

    Much to the delight of fans, he even re-enacted some of the fans' favorite scenes from these shows.
    Plus, there were plenty for the fans to do, including fun games with exciting prizes.

    Ji Changwook wrapped up the event by shaking hands with everyone and thanking them for their support.
    He promised his fans that he'll continue to work hard and grow as an actor through his upcoming projects.

    In the press conference after the event, Ji said that he was flattered to see such a great turnout in his first fan meeting.
    He added that he could feel the love and support of his fans while shaking hands and growing closer to them.

    Ji also talked about his upcoming musical titled "Those Days" opening in April this year.
    He said that musicals are more interactive than movies or dramas, as he performs before an audience, live. [Yonhap]

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