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  • 2PM Hold ‘Legend of 2PM’ Concert in Tokyo Dome
  • [2013-04-23]
  • Individual performances by each of the six members creates a buzz

    Group 2PM performed at the Tokyo Dome in the heart of Tokyo, Japan - a dream stage for local singers. The group’s solo concert, titled “Legend of 2PM” and held at the Tokyo Dome on April 20 and April 21, was the first dome concert after their official Japanese debut with the single “Take Off” in May, 2011. The two-day concert enchanted an estimated 110,000 fans.

    The audience of 55,000 fans who packed into the three floors of the dome, roared when a curtains on the stage were lifted at around 4:30 p.m. on April 21 and the six members dressed in white appeared onstage.

    The six signaled the start of the concert with an exotic show of performers raising flags on the stage and dancers drumming at sides.

    The group sang the title song of their second album “Masquerade” (which ranked first on Oricon’s weekly chart in February), the Korean song “I was crazy about you”, and “HOT” as well as other Korean and Japanese songs.

    The video screen allowed fans to see the performers' faces clearly. Some fans brought telescopes to catch every move and expression of the group members on the stage.

    2PM reminisced about the past two years since their debut in Japan and said in a press conference held shortly before the concert, “The language barrier was very difficult to endure at first, but soon it was not a problem. ”

    2PM made Japanese comments without resorting to the translator to become attuned to the fans’ likes.


    They tried to cater to their audience by distributing balls on carriages (‘So Bad’) to fans in every corners of the spacious concert venue. 

    Each member performed a solo set and impressed fans with their wide range of characteristics and charm. Taecyeon, Nichkhun, Jun K and Junho sang songs they wrote themselves.

    Fans rewarded the performance by making a grand scene with white glowsticks from the first to third floors of the dome during the “This is love’ set, causing the members shed tears in deep emotion.

    The three and a half-hour concert ended with the group’s Japanese debut single “Take Off” and hit “Hands Up” as encores.

    2PM will return to local music scene after two years’ break with their third regular album.

    Nichkhun told the local fans before leaving his stage, “You had a hard time because of me, but thank you too much for your love and trust in me. I will give you a great performance in the next show." [Yonhap]

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