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  • Kim Jang-hoon Donates 100,000 Dollars in U.S.
  • [2013-05-14]
  • Singer Kim Jang-hoon, nicknamed "Donation Angel", has successfully completed the first concert of his U.S. tour on May 11, Entertainment World, Kim's agency announced on May 13.

    Kim performed before an audience of 5,000 as part of his "Miracle Tour 2013", in a concert held at Greek Theater in Los Angeles

    The concert was held after signing an donation contract with Susan G. Kommen, the world's largest breast cancer foundation, dedicated to combating breast cancer.

    In the concert, Kim sang hits including "Should the world sometime deceive you", "I am a man","Show" and "Highway romance" as well as R. Kelly's "I believe I can fly".

    An official at his agency said, "All the audience stood up and cheered, clapping their hands when Kim sang. Over 600 foreign spectators laughed at Kim's humorous comments that mixed Korean and English."

    The highlight in the concert was a special event to commemorate the 60th anniversary of Korea-U.S. Alliance and Ceasefire Agreement of Korean War

    Kim sang an arrangement that combined the patriotic US song, "The Stars and Stripes Forever", with the Korean folk song "Arirang". In the latter part, students of the Korean music department at UCLA co-performed Samulnori.

    Kim donated 50,000 dollars to Susan G.Kommen during a brief donation ceremony held before he sang his encore, "If like me".

    Mark Pilon, executive director of Susan G. Kommen, expressed his thanks, saying "One day an angel flew to us. However, Kim Jang-hoon is not only a donation angel but also an artist who has given us a wonderful performance." He added, "I sent him great thanks. He has given me a good impression of Korea. We want to support him in any way we can."

    Kim Jang-hoon also donated 50,000 dollars to the Korean society in Los Angeles. Part of the donation will be used to enliven the Korean music program at UCLA.

    In the concert, John Choi, the first Korean-American L.A. City Council candidate, table tennis heroine Hyun Jeong-hwa and Olympic archery gold medalist Seo Hyang-soon participated and attracted people's attention.

    Kim Jang-hoon will visit Seattle on May 16 for an event and will hold his second tour concert in Hammerstein in New York on May 25. [Yonhap]

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