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  • Psy wins Canadian music award, climbs to number 17 in the UK charts
  • [2013-06-18]
  • Global K-pop sensation Psy climbed up 34 notches to number 17 in the UK singles chart with his hit song "Gentleman" on June 17th.

    According to the latest official numbers from the UK on June 17th, "Gentleman" ranked 17th in the Singles chart.

    That's a 34 step climb from the previous week's number 51 ranking.

    "Gentleman" which was released in April started out at number 61 in its debut month in the same chart.

    The song climbed up 10 notches in a week, but then continued to decline.

    This week though, things are looking better.

    By staying in the top 100 for 10 straight weeks, the follow up to "Gangnam Style" is proving to be just as loved in the UK.

    The recent surge in popularity is partly thanks to Psy's promotional efforts in that country.

    On June 8th, Psy made a special appearance on ITV's popular audition program titled "Britain's Got Talent Season 7."

    In the finals of that reality show, Psy performed on a special segment held to congratulate the finalist of the show.

    On June 9th Psy joined the ranks of Robbie Williams and Taylor Swift as cordially invited performers for the "Summertime Ball 2013" sponsored by Capital FM, held at the famed Wembley Stadium of London.

    Psy is currently in Canada.

    On June 16th the K-pop artist received the "International Viral Video of the Year" award at the "Much Music Video Awards" hosted by the Canadian music channel "Much Music."

    Representatives of his agency YG Entertainment said the achievement means Psy surpassed big names like Taylor Swift and One Direction and many other pop music greats in terms of popularity and recognition in Canada.

    For his award acceptance speech Psy cracked a joke by saying that he heard his new song "Gentleman" just went platinum in Canada.

    The crowd responded with thunderous laughter and applause.

    Psy was definitely in demand, performing Gangnam Style and Gentleman for the opening and closing performance of the award ceremony and staying on stage as the co host. [Yonhap]

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