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  • Kara to hold 2nd arena tour in Japan in October
  • [2013-06-26]
  • Girl group Kara announced on June 24th, that the team will begin their 2nd arena tour in Japan in October.

    According to their management company DSP media, Kara held a grand-scale fan meeting titled "Camilia School" in Yokohama Arena, Japan on June 23rd.

    Some 24 thousand fans took part in the event.

    And on this day, Kara announced their plans for a second arena tour in Japan titled "2013-KARASIA".

    The team will perform in 7 different cities in Japan.

    The tour begins in Yokohama on October 8th.

    Then they'll travel to Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka, Fukui, Kobe and more.

    The team will perform twice in each location before a turnout of around 140 thousand.

    This tour is even bigger than their previous one, and it seems like it can only get better.

    On their first arena tour in Japan held in April, Kara travelled 6 different cities and met around 150 thousand fans.

    The highlight was the Saitama Super Arena concert.

    All tickets were sold out in a flash.

    Plus, the team became the first Korean girl-group to hold a sold-out concert at the Tokyo Dome.

    Kara is currently working with famed director Kim Gyu-tae for a cine-drama titled "Secret Love." [Yonhap]

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