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  • Ji Sung plays a cold and cruel man who Hwang Jung-eum falls for!
  • [2013-08-08]

  • The cast for the upcoming KBS 2TV Wed/Thurs drama "Secret"(Written by Yoo Bo-ra, Choi Ho-cheol/ Directed by Lee Eung-bok) is finalized.

    Ji Sung will star alongside Hwang Jung-eum.


    Ji Sung who is used to playing charming leading men takes on a bold new challenge as a bad-boy character with a difference.

    Hwang is set to play a naive yet stubborn character and the two are set to play lovers in the story.


    The drama revolves around a man who falls for a woman who murdered his ex-lover.

    It is looked to as a good follow-up to the success of melodramatic shows like "The Innocent Man."


    Ji Sung plays Min-hyuk, an heir-apparent to a powerful family.

    He is perfect in every way, except his attitude and mindset.

    Hwang plays Yoo-jung a naive but tough girl who never gives up, no matter what kind of curve ball life throws her way.

    Their worlds collide and they fall in love.


    Ji Sung made headlines recently with his plans to marry actress Lee Bo-young, who he has dated for a long time.

    But his new character will be a complete different persona from the Ji Sung fans are accustomed to.

    Many emotional scenes are guaranteed in this story, as the characters face various ups and downs.


    Hwang Jung-eum, who has proven her star power with successful dramas like "Golden Time" is ready to get out of her comfort zone and play a different character in this new drama.

    No longer does she play the perky and lovable one, she is now a naive yet alluring girl who can take care of herself and is stubborn and tough at the same time.

    Her character goes through unbearable pain after being betrayed by a man she trusted.

    But she bounces back up, stronger than ever.


    Ji and Hwang have displayed their on-screen chemistry while working on a number of TV commercials.

    And this pairing is set to be a match made in heaven tha guarantees the show's success.


    A member of the production company for "Secret" said that they could not think of a more ideal casting for the show than Hwang and Ji.

    He added that "Secret" will be the Autumn love story to remember.


    "Secret" a love story between a man who falls for the murderer of his ex-lover starts in September and airs every Wednesday and Thursday night at 9:55pm.

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