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  • TVXQ Strive to Become Artists with Depth on Tenth Anniversary
  • [2013-08-20]

  •  “I want to be an artist with depth rather than a big star. I want to be an inspiration to younger artists." (TVXQ's Yoon-ho)

    "I'm proud that it wasn't just hard work, but sweat and effort that piled up for the last ten years that made us into who we are now." (TVXQ's Chang-min)
    The group TVXQ spoke to the press about their 10th anniversary at the Yokohama Nissan Stadium on August 17th.
    Debuting in 2004 with the single, "Hug", TVXQ took not only Korea by storm, but also broke into the Japanese market slowly making their way to the top.
    Their performance on August 17th was part of TVXQ Live Tour 2013 ~TIME~ Final in Nissan Stadium and was evidence of the group's growth and development for the past ten years. The group finished their five major dome tour in Japan earlier from April to June and successfully wrapped up their stadium performance which is considered to be at a higher level than the dome concerts.
    The Nissan Stadium concert took place from August 17th for two days and attracted over 144,000 fans. In total, 850,000 fans gathered for TVXQ's performances in Japan this year.
    "I have no other words to describe the scene other than spectacular. It was the biggest crowd I've ever seen in my life. I was so happy and proud. I don't think the words 'awesome' or 'happy' can exactly describe my feelings at that moment." (Chang-min)
    In line with the concert's theme "TIME", the group sang 26 songs that portaryed their changes over time. They sang their second Japanese single "Somebody to Love" as the final song with great meaning.
    "We gained a lot of popularity in Korea before going to Japan, but I heard we should have a new mindset when going to Japan. People told us that it would be a new experience but that it would also be a tough one." (Yoon-ho)
    It was a tough journey for the group when they went to Japan in 2005. It was before the K-pop boom and Hallyu had reached Japan. It took three years before their song "Purple Line" reached number one on the Oricon weekly singles chart in 2008 and the group did not turn down opportunities to perform even on a small stage.
    Yoon-ho said he told Chang-min, "Let's start from the bottom and move our way up", when they first left for Japan. He added, "What I said came true. I feel like a man who kept his promise and it makes me proud."
    Chang-min added, "We started from small concerts and now have reached the level of attracting many guests. It was a thrilling experience."
    The stage at the Nissan Stadium is staggering at 95 meters wide and 22 meters in height. It required a lot of energy from the two to move across the stage. The last song especially had the two running across the stage without any motion device, giving them a round of applause from the audience.
    "It was decided at the last minute we would run across the stage for the last song. We were physically drained, but we felt that it would convey our emotions." (Yoon-ho)
    Yoon-ho added, "We get stressed in our lives, but the place where I find myself is the stage. I'm always able to look back at myself and see how far I've come."
    Chang-min recently showed off his badminton skills and athleticism on the KBS show, Cool Kidz on the Block. However, he said that he wanted to lie down in the middle of the show because he was so tired even during the dome tours, but playing badminton had increased his strength significantly.
    TVXQ will continue activities in Japan through the large-scale music festival A-Nation this month in Tokyo and Osaka.
    "I really want to capture the audiences' attention through stage performances. I guess it would be a lie for singers not to have some sort of pride and confidence on stage. It's the driving force for us to do better and create something even better." (Chang-min)
    "I've always said it's always the beginning for TVXQ. I carefully hope that with our group celebrating our tenth anniversary, people will be able to see our true worth more and more." (Yoon-ho)

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