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  • Director of 'Rough Play' says "Lee Joon is a Godsend!"
  • [2013-09-24]

  •  Shin Young-shik, the director for "Rough Play" had the ultimate compliment for his leading actor.

    Idol group MBLAQ's Lee Joon makes his big screen debut in this film.
    Director Shin said during an interview with Yonhap News "Most people assume that he landed a part in my movie because he is an idol star. But I don't care about idol stars. I cast him because I saw great potential and passion in this young actor."
    Shin said he was impressed by Lee Joon's desire and passion to become and actor.
    No other 20-something actor who tried out for the part displayed his level of desperation.
    He added: "To compare actors in their 20s on how good they are is as meaningless as comparing how studious a group of elementary school children are. What really matters is the difference in their attitude towards the craft and their level of desperation."
    "Most filming took place during late last year, which was when Lee Joon was busy making variety show appearances. Yet he made time to work hard on the film as well."
    "Rough Play" is written and produced by Kim Ki-duk just like "Rough Cut" and "Poongsan."
    In a sense it is an extension of "Rough Cut."
    An aspiring actor who struggles at the bottom rises to the top only to fall from grace faster than he rose to stardom.
    Lee Joon plays Oh Yeong, the aspiring actor who lives this dramatic life.
    "Rough Play" opens in October.

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