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  • Late Paek Nam Bong Smiled Until His Last Moment
  • [2010-08-02]
  • Comedian Paek Nam Bong (real name: Park Doo Sik) passed away on July 29 and his mortuary had been prepared in the Samsung Medical Center, where many people including his colleagues and junior comedians have been visiting to offer their condolences.

    Comedian Kim Mi Hwa and actor Choi Bul Am came to the mortuary with a sad look and prayed for the repose of his soul. Singer Seo Soo Nam, comedian Choi Yang Rak, Hong Rok Ki, Uhm Yong Soo, and Choi Byong Seo also paid their visits to the mortuary to see the late Paek off and console the family of the deceased.

    Comedian Nam Bo Won, who was once one of two popular prominent comedians along with the late Paek Nam Bong performing the act called ”one-man show” said at his mortuary, “Since I have lost my rival and partner Paek Nam Bong, I feel like I have lost one of my wings. I wish that he can rest in peace in heaven with our seniors such as Kim Hee Kab and Seo Young Choon, who have already passed away and are in heaven.”

    As the late Paek had been a nationally loved comedian, many people from inside and outside the entertainment and culture industry sent flowers for him, and the inside and outside of the mortuary were full of wreaths. President Lee Myung Bak, the minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Yoo In Chon, and elder singer Kim Serena also sent wreaths to place in front of his mortuary. The picture of the late Paek Nam Bong had the same smiling look which he had shown to people to make them happy. He was smiling with his white teeth revealed and looking up toward heaven in the picture, and his appearance presented his uniquely kind and humorous facial expressions.

    At first, his picture showing no facial expression had been placed in the mortuary, but his family and his close friends wanted to show the late Paek Nam Bong’s smiling face, which he had shown so far as a comedian, to people until the last day, so the original picture had been replaced with the smiling one.

    His family members were staying in the mortuary with sad expressions, and his second daughter Park Yoon Hee, an entertainer who once hosted a show with the late Paek together on a cable TV program, spoke about her father’s life in front of news reporters and ultimately ended up crying.

    Park Yoon Hee said, “My father was a pleasant and cheerful person even in the last moment of his life. When he checked into a hospital again, he even made a joke to nurses by saying, ‘It has been a long time since I have seen you, but it is not good that I have to see you so often.’ His last appearance was also neat and attractive just like his look during his entire life.”

    She added, “These days, he had recovered and his condition had been good enough even to laugh at his own news on TV reporting that he was in critical condition. From a few days ago, he had to depend on an artificial respirator, but because he was fully conscious, family members and even he himself could not sense that he would pass away soon.”

    As the news about the late Paek Nam Bong’s death spreads, many people are continuously posting messages praying that he would rest in peace on many different internet portal websites, and people are looking back upon the memory of the late Paek with respect and affection.

    A netizen (ID leey****) posted a message on the board in the Naver news category saying, “He was a hero to common people. He never showed off any authority, instead he humiliated himself in front of people to make them happy and enjoy themselves. So, he is the real star comedian in this society.”

    Another netizen (ID rain***) said with regret, “I could always feel that he was trying to show concern and understand other people in earnest. I remember that he was a very positive and friendly person.”

    His funeral was conducted with the comedian association’s preparation. The coffin rites had been finished on July 30 at noon and the funeral procession left on July 31 at 6 am. His final resting place is located in Memorial Park in Bundang, Gyeonggi-do.

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