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  • Who Will Be Action Queen?
  • [2010-08-05]
  • Actresses will have a showdown while performing wild action sequences in TV dramas to be aired in the second half of Fthis year.

    In the SBS TV drama “Athena: Goddess of War,” actress Soo Ae (30) and Lee Ji Ah (29) will play heroines; in the SBS TV drama “Secret Garden,” actress Ha Ji Won (32) will be a female warrior; and in the KBS 2TV drama “The Fugitive,” actress Lee Na Young will play an amazon.

     The special agents in National anti-Terror Service, Soo Ae and Lee Ji Ah

    Soo Ae and Lee Ji Ah will play special agents in the National anti-Terror Service (NTS) in the drama “Athena: Goddess of War,” which will begin airing in November, and they will have a head-to-head showdown in the drama. Soo Ae will play double agent Yoon Hye In, who belongs to the National anti-Terror Service (NTS) as a female profiler and also takes a role within a secret organization as a special agent. Soo Ae has revealed her pure and graceful beauty until now, but this time, she will transform into a cold-blooded killer and will perform difficult action scenes in the drama.

    Lee Ji Ah will play a special agent and Yoon Hye In’s colleague, Han Jae Hee. She is a first tier special agent who had worked in the National anti-Terror Service's (NTS) branch office in Europe and comes back to the headquarters in Korea. When she appeared in MBC TV's “The Legend,” which is her debut drama, she had already been given a challenge in performing action scenes by playing the role named Soojini, and she will show off her action performances in this drama once again.

    The two actresses had trained for two months in an action acting school, and they recently began filming the drama at six overseas locations starting from Italy and moving to countries like Switzerland, Singapore, New Zealand, and Japan. “Athena: Goddess of War,” which is a spin-off of last year’s original and popular drama "IRIS," will portray the remarkable activities of NTS agents fighting against the international terrorist organization called Athena. Actor Jung Woo Sung and Cha Seung Won have been cast as the male protagonists.

     Ha Ji Won to perform as stunt woman

    Actress Ha Ji Won has already consolidated her position as a top actress utilizing physical movement, and she is expected to transform into a stunt woman in the drama “Secret Garden,” which will be broadcast around November. The casting has not yet been decided, but the production staff members are trying to cast Ha Ji Won without considering other actresses for the role. A spokesperson for the production company said, “We are preparing for the drama having only Ha Ji Won in mind for the role, and we expect to have good news if we can adjust the filming schedule.”

    At this moment, Ha Ji Won is participating in filming the 3D movie “Section 7.” When she appeared in the previous movies “Sex Is Zero” and ”Miracle On 1st Street,” she played the roles of an aerobic dancer and boxer, respectively, and she also successfully performed the action scenes in the movie “Duelist “ and the MBC TV drama “Damo.”

    “Secret Garden” will portray the fantasy melodrama between the owner of a department store (Jang Hyuk) and a stunt woman named Gil Ra Im, and Ha Ji Won is expected to showcase various stunt action scenes in every episode. The spokesperson said, “We will show the stunt woman’s remarkable activities in details. As Ha Ji Won is a ‘prepared female warrior,’ we do not worry about her stunt acting.”

     Unidentified official, Lee Na Young

    Actress Lee Na Young will make a comeback with the KBS 2TV drama “The Fugitive,” which will begin airing at the end of September, after a six year break by playing a secret official named Jin Yi. A spokesperson for the production company said, “Jin Yi belongs to a national organization, but the title of the organization has to be kept a secret, and Jin Yi’s mission is also a secret in the drama.”

    A romantic comedy action drama, “The Fugitive” will tell a story of an astronomical amount of money which had disappeared during the Korean War and resurfaced some sixty years later in 2010. Jin Yi is an unpredictable character showing off a beauty characterized by purity and sexiness at the same time. When she is chasing the vanished money, she shoots guns, fights barehanded against the enemy, and sometimes jumps from high buildings. Lee Na Young has usually played calm roles so far, but this time, she will challenge herself by performing action scenes. The drama, which has cast star actors including Rain and Daniel Henney, will film dynamic and realistic chase scenes in overseas locations such as Japan, Hong Kong, China, and Macao.

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