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  • [WED/THU DRAMA 'The Innocent Man'] Reasons Why We Cannot But To Love the 'Innocent Man'
  • [2012-11-07]
  • KBS Wednesday, Thursday drama "The Innocent Man" has viewers enraptured, with every episode ranking top in viewing figures for Wednesday and Thursday TV dramas. Viewers are drawn to romance of the "innocent man", sometimes laughing, sometimes crying.

    There are five reasons why the drama is so popular with viewers.

    1. The rediscovery of the star actors! The colorful and ever-changing acting by Song Joong-ki-Moo, Chae-won-Park and Si-yeon keeping viewers completely enthralled.

    Song Joong-ki (who plays Kang Ma-ru), Moon Chae-won (who plays Seo Eun-gi) and Park Si-yeon (who plays Han Jae-hee) are getting rave reviews for their acting by depicting the characters' complex inner state and feelings grippingly. They are creating a totally different character from those they have played so far and are being cited for their excellent acting skills. They have been praised for their detailed performances the clearly show the emotional turmoil their characters experience in a series of events full of betrayal, revenge and love.

    2. The thrilling storyline, excellent images, moving dialogue, and detailed direction!

    Surprising plot-twists between revenge and betrayal, a solid storyline consisting of the ever-changing relations between characters and the turbulence of destiny and excellent images that make one's heart flutter form the cornerstones of the drama. On top of that, the moving dialogue composed by the author Lee Gyeong-hee and detailed direction by Kim Jin-won, the director, are attracting viewers.

    3. The powerful and scene-stealing acting.

    One of the charms "The Innocent Man" has is the quality of the acting. In particular, Kim Tae-hun (who plays Ahn Min-young) and Lee Sang-yeop (who playes Park Jun-ha) are enrapturing female viewers with their energetic performances as lawyers and their sunflower-like love. And Lee Kwang-soo (who plays Park Jae-gil) and Lee Yoobi (who plays Kang Choco) are playing the role of an innocent couple in the midst of the main characters' melodramatic storyline, breathing life into the drama. Yang Ik-joon also plays an important role heightening tension by threatening the main characters. Other scene stealers including Kim Young-chol (who plays Seo Jeong-gyu), Cho Song-ah (Sok Min-hyuk), Cho Eun-sook (who plays Choko mother), Denny Ahn (who plays Kim Jung-eun), Chong Eun-pyo (who plays Chong So-jang) and Lee Young-ran(who plays Cho Dae-pyo), who have received praise for their strong performances.

    4. Emotional dialogue and music that conveys the main characters' feelings clearly and appropriately.

    The moving lyrics and melody of Xia Junsu's song "Love is like snow" are producing a synergy effect with Song Joong-ki's dramatic encounter with Moon Chae-won, and the magical ending in which the last scene of each episode seems to have some kind of magical power. In addition, Lee Su-young's "Innocent woman" and Jo Eun's "Good man" well express the feelings of main characters. Song Joong-ki's "Really" has become a topic of conversation online as it depicts Kang Ma-ru's feelings so well.

    The tango melody at the appropriate moment also contributes to drawing viewers into the drama.

    5. The birth of top "ahryeon couple" of 2012 Song Joong-ki-Moon Chae-won! Park Si-yeon, and SG Wannabe style!

    Song Joong-ki- Moon Chae-won have been called the top "ahryeon couple" of 2012. Both have reawakened the other's innocence and they resemble each other. Visually, they look like a perfect couple, and they are doing a great job in conveying their characters, including inner emotional changes. Park Si-yeong displayed a short-cut hair style as he became CEO of Taesan Group in the drama and received a good response, being regarded as a style role model by female viewers.

    The latest episode of Innocent Man featured a contrast between Song Joong-ki and Park Si-yeon's pure love and Song Joong-ki- and Moon Chae-won's love for revenge. It foretells a turning point, with Moon Chae-won recovering her memory and her 'twisted love' beginning in the coming episode. The Innocent Man airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 10 p.m. on KBS 2TV.

    Photo : iHQ

    Written by: KBS PR Dept.
    CopyrightⓒKBS & KBS Media - Illegal reproduction and distribution are banned

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