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  • [Cool Kiz On The Block] Choi Shi-won makes TV appearance without make-up
  • [2013-05-09]
  • Max Changmin summoned his good friend Choi Shi-won of Super Junior, and Choi rushed to the studio, without make-up or hair or wardrobe.

    On the May 7th episode of KBS 2TV's "Cool Kiz On The Block" the hosts Kang Ho-dong, Max Changmin and Lee Soo-keun got a chance to show off their friends.

    But because the theme is "sporting friends," they had to call up the most athletic friends they know.

    Changmin called up Super Junior member Choi Shi-won and asked him to join him for a drink.

    Choi Shi-won happened to be at the gym, and he simply rushed out of there to meet up with Changmin!

    He was the first celebrity friend to make it to the studio!

    Unaware of the fact that he was going to appear on TV, Shi-won was without make-up, hair unstyled, and with no fancy wardrobe!

    He said this is the first time in his life that he is making a TV appearance in workout attire, completely unprepared.

    But what really impressed everyone, especially the camera crew is how Shi-won looked even better without make-up!

    Something about his untamed look highlighted his masculinity even more!

    Basketball star Seo Jang-hoon who arrived later was astounded by how good Shi-won looked even when he is caught off guard!

    In this episode, the cast battle each other out for bowling supremacy!


    Written by: Jeon Ji-young
    CopyrightⒸKBS &KBS Media - Illegal reproduction and distribution is forbidden

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