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  • [Cool Kiz On The Block] Alex and Ahn Hyung-joon Steps Up
  • [2013-05-21]
  • Who will be the next sporting superstar to follow in Jo Dal-hwan and Jeong Eun-pyo's footsteps?

    It looks like we have the answer in the May 14th episode of KBS 2TV "Cool Kiz On The Block

    They are none other than Alex and Ahn Hyung-joon.

    So far the show has helped unveil the athletes within the stars including Jo Dal-hwan, Jeong Eun-pyo and Rainbow's Jaekyung.

    And now, as a the team takes on bowling, many are expecting a brand new lineup of bowling stars to emerge.

    Alex told everyone that he never experienced so many pressure situations in his life, and that he felt he has gotten at least 5 years older after the first filming session was over.

    The first stage which is the tryout phase was already a grave obstacle for Alex.

    Kang Ho-dong who initially worshipped the ground Alex walked upon, decided to show no more respect after Alex failed to have 3 straight strikes,
    Ahn Hyung-joon received similar treatment, this time from Max Changmin and Kang.

    As Ahn failed to take down the spares, the two hosts displayed their frustration and disappointment with a dramatic dance.

    Unlike how he performed during the table-tennis episode, Ahn provided lots of laughs for the viewers and participants.

    Plus, Ahn turned out to be an even more entertaining participant than his predecessor Jo Dal-hwan.

    He was a master of physical comedy. In many situations, he created many comedic scenes with the host Kang Ho-dong.

    Although many expected the new addition to the team to help out with flawless execution on the bowling alley, they provided barrels of laughs with their inability to step up and deliver. But this is just the beginning.

    Although Alex and Ahn were not the best performers among the lot, there is time for them to practice hard and get better.

    Many fans of the show and Ahn and Alex are showing a lot of support by posting encouraging words on various websites.

    "Our Town's Physical Variety" is winning over new viewers each week with fun and exciting sporting action.

    Catch our team taking on the Daegu Wolseong Dong United team Tuesdays at 11:10pm on KBS 2TV.


    Written by: Jeon Ji-young
    CopyrightⒸ KBS & KBS Media - Illegal reproduction and distribution is forbidden

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