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  • The first script-reading meeting photos [Gunman in Joseon]
  • [2014-07-02]

  •  Lee JoonGi is back to the small screen in a year as Park YoonGang who will become a leader of the era as a gunman. 

    He looks as if he is completely immersed into his character.

    Romantic heroine, Nam SangMi (as Jung SooIn)

    She is shinning the meeting room with her beautiful appearance.
    Look forward to watching her romance actions!

    The character of sensuality, attractiveness and incarnation.

    Jeon HyeBin will play a woman with a tragic fate in the enlightenment era, as Choi HyeWon.
    She looks so passionate!

    To play his first historical drama, Han JooWan.

    No more images from Wang’s Family!
    He will transform into a lonely revolutionist.
    Let’s see how his will be completely changed in the new drama!

    The best sniper in Joseon, Yoo OhSeong.

    Yoo OhSeong will return as a sniper in the drama. 
    His action is already boosting the viewers expectation!

    The cast and crew emitted a pleasant atmosphere during their first scrip-reading.

    And here is our lovely couple in the drama, Lee JoonGi and Nam SangMi!
    [Gunman in Joseon] - Premier on July 9th.
    Showtime: Wed&Thu 09:50pm | Thu&Fri 04:10am | Fri 02:00pm (Seoul, UTC+9). 
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