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  • [Cool Kiz On The Block] The Result of the Table Tennis Tournament?
  • [2013-04-16]
  • The battle is fierce in "Arts and Sports in Our Village"

    The show is receiving positive response after the first episode was aired.

    Let the games begin!

    On April 16th, in the second episode of this variety show, KBS 2TV will showcase Team Sangdo-dong VS Team Celebrities.

    The Sangdo-dong team is guaranteed to provide our celebrity team with a lot of challenges.

    The team is comprised of members from all walks of life, ranging from an 82-year-old lady to a 12-year-old grade schooler.

    Even their individual table tennis experience varies adversely, ranging from 1 month to 20 years.

    Shockingly it was the 12-year-old that turned out to be table tennis phenom who beat adults in national competitions.

    Kang Ho-dong complained that someone that talented and experienced shouldn't be on the show.

    A businessman with 20-years of table tennis experience, a 50-something homemaker who challenges Kang Ho-dong, the most beautiful table tennis star of Sangdo-dong, an 82-year-old fashionista, a law school professor with a month of table tennis experience and a 12-year-old table tennis genius!

    Will they have the last laugh?

    The cast and crew were kept on edge throughout the competition.

    The teams put up an amazing performance, almost equal to that of a real professional team.

    Both sides promised something more exciting in the future.


    Episode 2 featuring the showdown between the two teams airs at 11:10 pm this Tuesday.



    Written by: Jeon Ji-young
    CopyrightⒸ KBS & KBS Media - Illegal reproduction and distribution is forbidden

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