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  • [Cool Kiz On The Block] Kang Ho-dong Battles a Table Tennis Master
  • [2013-04-30]
  • A man with 70-years of table-tennis experience takes on Kang Ho-dong.

    Does Kang have the right strategy to take down this titan?

    On tonight's episode of KBS 2TV's "Cool Kiz On The Block" The celebrity team is ready to redeem themselves after the previous week's humiliating defeat.

    The Mokdong Pingpongs are lead by a seasoned veteran of 70 year's experience and a semi-pro.

    It almost seemed like defeat was inevitable for the stars.

    In the previous episode's battle against the Sangdo-dong team, Kang Ho-dong was beaten 11:6 at the hands of Lee Soo-keun.

    And this time, Kang is up against an even more menacing foe, one who has more than 70 years of table tennis experience.

    That's more experience than all of the star team member's experience added together.

    Kang Ho-dong said that the master had amazing moves and that he was nervous to death.

    He even called for a time-out to try and calm himself down.

    Will Kang be able to be less greedy on offense and play a more well-paced game to bring 1 victory for the stars?

    The staff of the show said that the celebrity team showed significant improvement, as they were able to put up a good fight against the Mokdong Pingpongs.

    After last week's humbling defeat at the hands of the Sangdo-dong team, Kang Ho-dong has trained hard and has shown great progress.

    To check out how much Kang Ho-dong has evolved as a table-tennis player, tune in to "Our Town's Physical Variety" featuring the Mokdong Pingpongs going up against the celebrity team!


    Written by: Jeon Ji-young
    CopyrightⒸ KBS & KBS Media - Illegal reproduction and distribution is forbidden

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