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  • A drama script wannabe, Inspiring Generation!
  • [2014-03-27]

  • A drama script wannabe, Jeongtae.

    Anytime and anywhere, Jeongtae really focuses on a drama script even during a break time. 
    It is really impressive to see how passionate he is about the drama.


    Jeong Jaehwa is also working hard!

    Jeong Jaehwa, who is charismatic as much as Jeongtae is reading throught a script.

    To take photo with Inspiring Generation script!

    Kim Jaekyung is playing Club Shanghai’s main singer, Mei Ling.
    A beautiful lady take a photo with a script!

    Look how cute they are!
    Mangchi and Bakchigi who serve Jeong Jaehwa.
    The two, full of loyalty but also clumsy and naive make us laugh.

    Inspiring Generation’s regular pose.

    Whenever a camera shows up, Inspiring Generation team makes “V”.
    Cute Soso and chic Seon Woojin are also making “V”.
    [Inspiring Generation]
    An action noir about young fighters in the 1930's glamorous Shanghai, China, who struggle between love, faith, and friendship.
    Showtime: Wed-Thu 09:50pm | Thu-Fri 04:10am (Seoul,UTC+9).
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