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  • Deulim to give up an audition looking for Hyunwoo [Melody of Love]
  • [2014-03-27]

  • Deulim to give up an audition.

    After receiving a call saying Hyunwoo is in hospital, Deulmin rushes to him giving up an audition which she has been waiting so long.

    “You should go back your home.”

    Deulim persuades Hyunwoo not to worry their parents and go back home together.

    “You do love me, don’t you?”

    They have confirmed their feelings for each other.
    But, Hyunwoo who refuses to go home saying “Loved ones cannot fall apart.”

    “Did you hear that?”

    Hyunwoo hears someone calling his name and turns back.

    Hyunwoo’s mother to come to see Hyunwoo.

    After getting a call from Deulim, tears flow from Jinyoung’s eyes.

    Mother and son to hug each other.

    As soon as Jiyoung sees Hyunwoo, she hugs him and Deulmin is watching them feeling relieved.
    [Melody of Love]

    The drama about young adults who are full of passion for love and their dreams.
    Showtime: Mon-Fri 08:20pm | Tue-Sat 05:20am (Seoul, UTC+9).
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