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  • “Beyond the Clouds” to release behind the scene cuts!
  • [2014-03-11]

  • Here is our kind Jaein.

    Jaein is helping staff members holding a reflector when filming Sero’s scene. 
    She is a beauty also with a beautiful mind.

    Jaein is here again with a cute appearance.

    Jaein finds a steel camera secretly looking around the filming spot and shows us her cute face. We officially announce Jaein as the best cute woman here in Beyond the Clouds!

    I challenge you to a duel!!

    Fighter Hong challenges a steel camera to a duel fight.
    It seems like even I can beat him.

    A short break for laides.

    Actresses in Belle la Fair are having a chit-chat.
    What’s the topic for today’s chit-chat? Can you let me in?

    Sero can do acting rehearsal by himself.

    Sero is doing acting rehearsal, imagining himself getting slapped by Youngwon. 
    He admires his acting and cannot help but laughing.
    [Beyond the Clouds]
    Showtime: Every Mon&Tue 22:00(Seoul,UTC+9).
    Re-run: Mon&Tue 14:00/Tue&Wed 06:00/Sat 14:40(Seoul,UTC+9).
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