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  • Poongcha comes to save Jeongtae [Inspiring Generation]
  • [2014-02-20]

  • Shinichi’s sword stab Jeongtae’s left side.

    Shinichi starts to attack with his sword indiscriminately.
    Eventually, Jeongtae falls down who has been fighting only with his bare hands.

    Poongcha has just arrived in time.

    When Kenzo tries to kill Jeongtae, Poongcha kicks Kenzo away throwing himself.

    “Whatever it takes, I’ll save you.”

    After taking unconscious Jeongtae’s pulse, Poongcha confirms he is alive and takes off his jacket to cover Jeongtae.

    Poongcha’s last fight has begun.

    “Yes, I’m the Poongcha, meaning ‘Gaja Gurma’ in Japanese. I’m here to die.”
    Then, Poongcha’s fierce fight begins to save Jeongtae.

    Poongcha is covered with blood.

    He tramples on the number of samurais and his face is covered in blood.

    Kenzo to cut Poongcha

    Kenzo cuts Poongcha’s body from his shoulder.

     “Let’s go home, Jeongtae..”

    “Jeongtae, I like you because you are an unspoiled guy, very rare in this violent world. Let’s go home, get up,” then he continues his last word. “I’m sorry and I love you, my fellow.”
    Eventually, Poongcha meets his death next to Jeongtae.
    ‘Inspiring Generation’ airs every Wed and Thurs 22:00(Seoul,UTC+9).
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