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  • Number 1 in weekend ratings! "The Wang Family" starts things off with a bang!
  • [2013-09-04]

  • The much anticipated family drama "The Wang Family" aired its first 2 episodes this weekend.

    And in just the first 2 minutes of air time was enough to grab top spot in the weekend ratings with 20% viewership.
    Episode 2 of KBS 2TV weekend drama "The Wang Family"(Written by Moon Young-nam, directed by Jin Hyeong-wook, produced by Dream E&M) which aired on September 1st recorded 23.8%(Source: AGB Nielsen Korea) and that's a 4.1% rise from episode 1.
    So what is the secret ingredient to this drama's early success?
    The drama goes back to the basics of Korean weekend drama.
    The traditional elements of successful weekend dramas of the past including fascinating characters, barrels of laughs and family values.
    The colorful characters include the head of the family, the father Wang Bong(Jang Yong), the leader of the pack, the mother of the family Lee Ang-geum(Kim Hae-sook), her fiercest rival, the grandmother Ahn Gye-shim(Na Moon-hee),
    The oldest daughter who needs to grow up someday, Wang Soo-bak(Oh Hyun-kyung), the miserly 2nd daughter Wang Ho-bak(Lee Tae-ran) who dreams of striking it big someday, the 3rd daughter Wang Kwan-bak(Lee Yoon-ji) who gave up a stable job to pursue her dreams of becoming a writer, the quiet 4th daughter Hae-bak(Moon Ga-yong) and the youngest of the family the only son, Dae-bak(Choi Won-hong) who is a walking time bomb.
    They are all characters viewers can easily relate to, whether it's due to their similarities to the viewers or to the people around them.
     The characters live average lives and experience ups and downs within the family and outside of the home just like any one of us.
    As parents, husbands, wives or children, the viewers can all find many of the situations in the drama relatable and engaging. 
    Spicing things up are veteran actors who take on stand-out supporting roles including Huh Sae-dal(Oh Man-seok) and the uncle Wang Don(Choi Dae-cheol).
    They provide comic relief and create fun one-liners that many viewers find themselves repeating after.
    These golden lines include when Wang Bong tells his son Dae-bak who decides to hand in a letter of resignation that one is only allowed to go crazy for a limited number of times and talked to his son about the theory of that quota.
    Lee Ang-geum scolded aspiring writer Gwang-bak that she won't come to her senses even after 5 million years.
    They can be seen as fun one-liners, but they all pack a certain depth and may be used as solid advice in real life.
    There's more than just family and comedy in the show, Gwang-bak(Lee Yoon-ji) develops feelings for Choi Sang-nam(Han Joo-wan) who she immediately was smitten by.
    Fans are looking forward to how their relationship develop.
    There are so many reasons for so many different types of viewers tune and be thoroughly entertained by "The Wang Family."
    As the ratings suggest, a growing number of viewers are counting the days to the weekends when brand new episodes will air.

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