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  • John Park shares his healikng wisdom with the cast of Cool Kiz On The Block
  • [2013-09-05]

  • The results say it all in sports, but there's more to sports than the final score.

    John Park's words of wisdom that struck a chord with the members of "Cool Kiz on the Block."
    On September 3rd, episode 22 of KBS 2TV's "Cool Kiz on the Block" our star team faced team Jeonnam Hwasoon, based on the hometown of Korea's badminton super star Lee Yong-dae.
    The cast fought valiantly but fell 3:0.
     This is the first time the Cool Kiz team failed to win one set since the bowling battle against Wolseong-dong team.
    There were times when the team managed to miraculously record 1 win in the past.
    Coach Kim Hak-gyun provided much needed lessons and the team even trained togetehr in Taeneung.
    And all the members continued to work on their game even while working on their respective projects, be it drama filmings or concerts.
    These are some of the reasons why they were shocke to be dealt a 3:0 defeat.
    But John Park rose to the occasion and provided some words of wisdom that provided the members with some solace.
    The locker room was so quiet that you could hear a pin drop.
    The ace of the team, Lee Man-ki expressed frustration by saying "In the Busan challenge, we lost, but we saw glimmers of hope for victory every now and then at least."
    Lee Soo-keun joined in by saying "We practiced so hard and a defeat like this just leaves you feeling heavy hearted and you feel the weight of the world on you."
    It was a situation when no one could say anything positive. 
    Kang Ho-dong tried to uplift his teammate's spirits by saying "John might have a different take on this apparently bleak situation." and turned to John for some words of encouragement.
    And immediately all eyes were on John.
    Knowing that John is Mr. Positivity, they expected him to have something more uplifting to say. 
     Much to his team's surprise, John simply replied by saying "I think we're doing fine."
    "We've been training only for a short period of time, we knew it won't be easy to compete against enthusiasts of the sporting categories who live the sport for many years."
    He shed light on the basic fact that 2 months of training is not enough to catch up with 2 years of training, and that they're expecting something they shouldn't expect if they thought they could overcome that gap overnight.
    He went on to say "Every week, I see Jong-soo and everyone else working harder than ever, even sidelining their day jobs. So the result we have is nothing to be ashamed of."
    Truly wise words, that reminded the team that the effort and the process itself is worthy of praise.
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