• Main Control Room of HDTV
      • On-site Telecast Team for the Annapurna Expedition
      • In order to lead the next generation terrestrial broadcasting service, KBS strived to secure future growth engines by establishing plans to set up 4K UHDTV broadcasting infrastructure and investing in R&D for new platform services.

        KBS has been actively researching future media technology such as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence as well as multi-platform services.

        As the nation’s primary broadcaster for national disasters and emergencies, KBS fulfilled its public responsibility by strengthening its disaster broadcasting system and capacity to deliver emergency news flashes.

        The workflow for broadcasting production and delivery was improved and the broadcasting was modernized to strengthen program competitiveness.

        KBS developed a high-speed content transfer solution to support quick and efficient production and editing and also to cut down on transfer costs.