• KBS has been showing the strength of a public broadcaster by creating high quality content that is both well made and popular with the audience. KBS has also put forth a vision for the future in a climate of constant change while striving to provide new forms of entertainment that are entertaining as well as educational.
      • The Insight
      • The Return of Superman
      • KBS focused on universal values of mankind through high quality documentary series such as <The Next Human> and <Empire of the Sea>. KBS introduced news programs such as <The Insight>, a new type of presentation show that deals with social issues.

        <The Return of Superman> moved and entertained the audience by showing celebrity dads looking after their young children. KBS carried out large-scale project such as <National Grand Chorus: I am Korea> to celebrate 70 years of independence.

        In an era of endless competition for content, KBS created a variety of drams of both quality and popularity. Epic series <The Jingbirok: A Memoir of Imjin War> presented the agenda of the times. KBS weekend series also continued on its reign as the undisputed leader in viewer ratings for the weekend in 2015.