• Through radio, KBS has provided diverse high quality services ranging from news, current affairs, documentaries, and high-end cultural programs all the way to high quality music programs and entertainment channels that embody publicity and popularity. In addition, KBS radio has sought to implement its public responsibilities as a public broadcaster through providing broadcasting material targeted toward the disabled, North Koreans, overseas Koreans, foreigners inside and outside Korea, and multicultural families in Korea.
      • Radio1
      • News & Current Affairs, Information
        Radio 1 provides 24-hour public radio services featuring impartial news, current affairs programs and cultural programs.
      • Radio2
      • Entertainment and Lifestyle
        As the music and entertainment information channel, Radio 2 has audience friendly programs featuring music, comedy and sports.
      • Radio3
      • For the less fortunate and social minorities
        Radio 3 is a social welfare channel for the disabled and for disadvantaged groups in our society.
      • FM1
      • Classic FM
        As an exclusive classical music radio channel, KBS FM 1 delivers a wide range of classical music and Korean traditional music.
      • FM2
      • Cool FM
        An exclusive popular music channel KBS FM2 has delighted listeners with hip music and interesting stories.
      • Korean
      • For Ethnic Koreans
        This channel provides accurate and objective information for ethnic Koreans living abroad.
      • U-KBS
      • Audio DMB-Digital Radio
        A terrestrial DMB pop music channel, U-KBS, delivers news and entertainment.