• We are striving to diversify our radio show broadcasts on seven radio channels in order to establish competitiveness and professionalism, and to produce entertaining and educational programs.
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      • Radio 1
        As a channel specializing in news and current affairs, KBS Radio 1 produces and broadcasts programs that serve public interests and contribute to social integration by forming public opinion, bringing up future-oriented agendas and providing disaster coverage.
      • Radio 2
        This channel broadcasts entertainment shows for families to meet the public demand for high-quality entertainment and to establish the identity of popular culture.
      • Radio 3
        This channel offers a wide range of programs for people with disabilities, the elderly and socially marginalized listeners. It seeks to help the public better understand the disabled and create social harmony.
      • FM 1
        This channel broadcasts programs dealing with classical and traditional Korean music. It seeks to provide top-quality programs and present listeners with multiple opportunities to appreciate Asian and Western music.
      • FM 2
        This channel is dedicated to popular music and targets young listeners. It strives to provide diverse programs to help establish beneficial popular culture and promote listeners’ emotional development.
      • Korean Nation Channel
        The purpose of this channel is to promote national reconciliation and inter-Korean exchange. Its programs seek to help North Korean compatriots establish their identity in line with changes in inter-Korean relations, as well as promote unity among the two Koreas as a single nation and nurture cooperation between the South and North before and after reunification.
      • KBS WORLD Radio
        As Korea’s only multilingual international channel, KBS World Radio strives to promote the nation’s relations with other countries and publicize Korean culture to the world by providing programs on Korea’s politics, economy, society and culture in diverse languages. It also continues to bolster its competitiveness as a global channel and nurture the global network of the Korean nation.
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