• As the world’s first terrestrial-wave mobile broadcaster, U KBS strives to meet viewers’ demands in line with rapid changes in broadcasting and communication. It utilizes four channels dedicated to diverse areas to fulfill its duty as a public broadcaster.
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        This mobile broadcasting channel reproduces KBS TV1’s current affairs programs tailored to the mobile broadcasting environment while also maintaining its purpose of serving the interests of the public and enhancing the value of KBS’ DMB services.
        Based on KBS TV2, this channel targets families by providing creative and experimental entertainment shows in the mobile format. It strives to enhance the competitiveness of KBS’ DMB services and contribute to the development of the mobile broadcasting market.
        As the only DMB audio music channel provided by a terrestrial-wave broadcaster, this channel produces new content rather than just re-transmitting existing terrestrial-wave analog music radio shows. It has also been developing diverse service models to prepare for the digital conversion of FM radio channels.
        This interactive data channel makes the best use of digital multimedia broadcasting, which viewers can watch anywhere, anytime. It provides informative, educational and entertaining programs via affordably-priced DMB data services.
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      • Blood Sweat & Tears
      • Blood Sweat & Tears
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      • Very Very Very
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      • Galaxy
      • Bolppalgan Puberty
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      • The Love That I Committed
      • The Love That I Committed
      • Lim Chang Jung
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